Amanda K. Rue

At Your Disposable

This photography project explores the integration of collaboration, restraint and creative expression. Each roll is sent with an idea, brief, or just a notion. Through the creative process, I explore the theme using only a disposable camera, with no edits to any images. They are raw, real, and a reflection of how I see the world.

Previous Concepts

Discretion - Meaning both the quality of behaving in such a way to avoid offense, or revealing private information, and the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation, this roll used my discretion, however that showed up.

Through Your Eyes - Despite our desire to know more about ourselves, we can never truly see how another sees us. This roll asked strangers, friends and lovers to capture how they saw me in that moment.

The Spirit Within - Spirituality is often viewed as something that happens in a church or on a cushion meditating. It’s not about this, but about exploring how we can exist in constant communication with spirit as we move through life.




I know there is a book in me. The fear that stopped me from starting was irrational. I thought if I started writing, I’d never be able to stop, and I just don’t have time for that. Below are excerpts from a couple of new pieces, with more on the way.


 A Year To The Date - Personal Essay


We continued out in the shallow water. It went on forever, and we stood far out in in the sea, with water only coming to our knees. It was here we kicked about, moved our hands through the water, and saw its magic. We were here together. No moon — fully in darkness, comfortable here in this magic.

We embraced, and kissed in that moment.

The air above.

The water below.

The fire within.

A world seemed to unlock. I’ve never been one for video games, but it felt like we had saved the princess. We beat the evil monster, and joyfully met the end of the world. From here we would be transmuted to another world — full of new adventures, with a new monster to fight and princess to save. I assured him… “I’m not sure what we did to arrive here together, but we’re doing something right.”

Done is Better Than Perfect - Personal Essay

And yet, I still wake up and wonder what the f*ck I’m doing and if there’s a purpose behind this path. I’m unsure, but I do know at this age that I trust my instincts and my intuition and believe in the goodness of the universe. It doesn’t make sense to me all the time, but in those moments of uncertainty I invite faith to surprise me.

All I know is that at this moment, at this time and this stage, I must release all shame related to my authentic and true presence — of who I have been, who I am today, and who I will be tomorrow. I trust deeply in this exploration, and know that if I am doing what is right and true for me in this moment, and if does not hurt myself or others, I am in divine harmony and following the vast intelligence of a universe that exists beyond my understanding.

Isle of Holbox, July, 2018

Isle of Holbox, July, 2018



It’s rare to pay attention to the details. We skim through life, buzzing from one thing to the next, often simply missing the world around us. This is a meditation; a moment in time, a reflection of how I see the world.


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